Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

What would happen if your company lost all the data on its laptops, desktops and tablets?

With VDI, you wouldn’t have this problem. Watch this short video to learn more.

Upgrade your Workplace

Planning, installing, implementing and operating a VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can appear to be challenging for your organization. UltraLevel is here to help. The way companies work has changed. Looking for a way to allow your team to work anywhere, anytime, anyplace without sacrificing control and security?

UltraLevel Can Help

Secure. Accessible. Cost Effective.

VDI, also known as server-based computing, is a great tool that provides for centralized control; quicker rollouts and updates; provides the ability to leverage thin clients over desktops; and offers greater security.

  • VDI reduces total cost of ownership for desktops
  • VDI is highly customizeable to meet your organization’s needs
  • VDI provides you with security and control in today’s volatile environment

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What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is accessing a centrally managed desktop from a remote session, and has sometimes been referred to as server based computing.

Why VDI?

With lower cost of ownership, more-flexible delivery of applications, improved efficiency for IT, and improved security monitoring and control for management, it is easy to see why VDI is more popular than ever.

VDI’s Do’s & Don’ts

VDI, like anything else, is only good if it is done right. Involve users and invest time in balancing security and user satisfaction. A good Value Added Reseller, like UltraLevel, can help keep you from making mistakes.

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VDI Implementations Whitepaper

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VDI and IT Business Continuity

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Increase Security with VDI

VDI allows you to control user access and permissions and, when done right, it can protect your company, its data and intellectual property.

Allow Users to Work from Anywhere

Today, users want to be able to work when and how they want. VDI allows you do to that while efficiently managing the environments of the users.

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