Active – Active Data Centers

For those mission critical business applications – the ones that will bring your organization to its knees if they aren’t available – you need Active-Active Data Centers.

An Active-Active Data Center solution doesn’t help you recover AFTER a disaster. It helps you avoid the disaster altogether.  Run your mission critical business applications in CloudSAFE geographically dispersed, Active-Active data centers and you’ll never have to worry about a component failure, human error, or an accident rendering your most critical applications inoperative and unavailable.

Sometimes known as dual active, an Active-Active data center architecture is one where both data centers are able to run an application at any given time with access to a replicated database. Data flows to two locations, enabling better load balancing and automatic fail-over if one location should become unavailable. Combining Active-Active data centers with Active-Active applications provides you with continuously available computing.

Building your own Active-Active data centers can be capital intensive. Leveraging the cloud can be a cost effective alternative. Whichever direction is best for your organization, UltraLevel has the expertise to support you.

UltraLevel offers multiple options for your Active-Active solution:

Build Your Own
Data Center

Our engineers and project designers have all the talent and knowledge to put together your Active-Active solution in your facility

Your Equipment in
CloudSAFE Data Centers

Using CloudSAFE facilities provides the ability for your organization to quickly position your own equipment into an Active-Active solution without a large-scale build-out of your facility

CloudSAFE Equipment in
CloudSAFE Data Centers

With a comprehensive CloudSAFE solution, your Active-Active data center is completely managed, providing the security and confidence for your data center deployment


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